Myras, Miras, My ras, Myras linen, Myraslinen, Myras lin, marque éthique et responsable, écoresponsable. Marque française. Lin français, lin Normandie.

The brand

Founded in September 2021, Myras is an ethical and responsible women's ready-to-wear brand, committed to linen.

Myras, comes from “miras” which means inheritance and transmission. Deeply inspired by these values, our goal is to offer you quality pieces that will last over time and be passed on. We have decided to create our own rhythm, far from the seasonality imposed by Fashion and the frantic pace of trends, synonymous with overconsumption.

Our mission is to offer pieces with a timeless style produced with exceptional natural materials. Permanent collections that cross the seasons, composed of essentials with worked cuts, above all comfortable. Pieces that you can wear every day, that allow you to create an infinity of looks and build a lasting style.

It is by offering high quality clothing, at a fair price and with transparency and traceability that we want to achieve this. For this, Myras can count on its French and European partners and their valuable know-how.

<tc>Our story</tc>

The founders

We are Aslihan and Chaimae, the two creators of Myras. Before being associated, we have been best friends since childhood.

We both grew up in a small town. Paris, fashion shows, Haute-Couture, have always made us dream.
We both have Mediterranean origins, which gave us the opportunity to grow up between two cultures, an openness to the world, a different perspective and strong values. Our origins and the women around us have always taken us on a journey and inspired the women we have become today. 

Fashion's dream has come true. But in the meantime, the world and the society in which we lived have changed a lot. The social and environmental issues that have emerged have prompted us to question ourselves, to seek more meaning in our work.

We needed to start all over again, to build something more sustainable, with more meaning and more in line with our values.

Both passionate about fashion, we decided to create Myras together in order to offer a new way of consuming fashion. Always sensitive to environmental and societal issues and in love with linen, we wanted to create a new ethical brand around this natural fiber, rich in history.