Our values

Slow Fashion

Myras is committed in "Slow Fashion". Far from  trends and seasons that are countless in fashion today, Myras offers products designed without seasonality with a timeless style.

Myras pieces are designed between Troyes and Paris. Our environmental and social commitment is part of a 360° vision, which is transcribed in each of the stages of creation and manufacture of our products. Beyond our materials, all the elements that today make up the brand are part of this eco-responsible approach.




Noble and natural materials

This commitment also continues in the choice of our materials. We are now choosing to bet on linen fibre, which we consider to be a material of the future of fashion. 

Natural and ecological by definition, we are proud to offer  collections designed with French and European linen fabrics.
They are European Flax® and Masters of Linen® certified, for transparency and traceability throughout our supply chain.


"The choice of our partners is crucial, because they allow us to display this traceability which is so important to us"

Myras partners are French and European players, all committed to a more sustainable textile and fashion sector. They all have certifications and labels, proving their environmental and social commitment and respect high production standards.

To go further

Our accessories for our clothes, our packaging, all are chosen on criteria such as the origin of the materials, the country of manufacture, the certifications, or even the biodegradable or recyclable nature of these components. The use of virgin plastic is banned.


• Our shipping boxes are made of 60% recycled materials, FSC® certified and are also biodegradable and recyclable (Poland )

• Our shipping pouches are made of vegetable plastic, made of corn starch, biodegradable and compostable (Poland)

• Our thank you cards slipped into your orders are made from seeded paper (France)

• Our woven labels are made from organic cotton (Portugal)

• Our hangtag are made from FSC® certified paper (France)