Our materials

At Myras, we want to offer another way of consume fashion, more natural and sustainable, avoiding synthetic and materials from animal origin in our clothes. We don't use cotton either because of the environmental impact of it's growing and processing stage.

We have always loved linen, so this fibre is part of our history of our brand DNA. More than just a trend, linen is for us the fabric of the future thanks to its environmental characteristics. Natural and ecological, linen is the very definition of Myras.

After more than two years of research, we are proud to have been able to find French and European partners committed to the linen sector, true enthusiasts and experts who were able to support us in the development of our collections. We wanted to know everything about our flax, down to the field in which it grows, to the farmer who cultivates it, to the hands that transform it into yarn and then into fabric. It is thanks to these committed partners that we are able to offer you this traceability on our materials.

To accompany linen in our collections, we use fabrics made of Tencel® (lyocell) or fabrics upcycled during capsule collections.

An environmentally friendly fiber

38,000 years old, linen is one of the oldest, if not the first textile plant fibre knew humanity. It is by nature an ecological and biodegradable fibre. It is grown in temperate zones close to the sea, in an area stretching from Caen to Amsterdam. Flax is grown in rotation and requires little fertilizer and pesticides, GMO-free and needs nothing other than the climate of its environment, which provides it with water rain, natural irrigation which is sufficient for its growth. This plant therefore limits the use of chemical products and does not require additional irrigation, compared to the cultivation of cotton for example.

Its cycle natural is very fast, but requires expertise, it only takes 100 days to see these pretty little blue flowers appear. The French farmers with whom we work are the guarantors of this know-how.

Zero waste

On this plant, everything is used and nothing is thrown away. 100% of the components of the plant are used (long fibre, short fibre, shives, seed and dust) by different sectors such as the textile sector, furniture, the automotive industry, construction, or even the food industry.

Local know-how

80% of the world production of flax fibers is grown in Western Europe, France being the leader. Our linen comes from Normandy, where this fibre is part of the history of this region. We have chosen a committed partner recognized for its expertise in this textile fibre.

Linen to wear

Linen has many qualities. It is a resistant, light and absorbent material. Thanks to its thermoregulatory character, linen is light and breathable in summer, warmer in winter, adapting to the your body temperature. Also recognized for its antibacterial properties, this material will bring you comfort and well-being, while respecting your skin.

Certification and label of our partners

European Flax, french linen, hemp, flax, normandie, normandy, lin, lin français.

European Flax®

European Flax® guarantees premium quality flax fiber grown in Western Europe (France, Belgium, the Netherlands). It preserves, enhances and safeguards a European agricultural and industrial exception, its territorial origin and know-how that cannot be relocated.
The European Flax® fiber guarantees GMO-free cultivation, without irrigation (99.9% guaranteed by the CELC), rotational cultivation and natural retting in the field, whose fiber production is 100% mechanical (scutching ).

Masters of linen, french linen, hemp, flax, normandie, normandy, lin, lin français.

Masters of Linen®

Masters of Linen® is a registered trademark that guarantees the traceability of linen, i.e. all stages of transformation from fiber to thread and fabric are carried out by European companies. 100% “Made In Europe” linen.
The Masters of Linen® club brings together companies that are spinners, weavers and knitters who have chosen 100% European traceability. This label can be found on 100% European linen products, whether they are made of 100% linen, a majority linen blend, or half-breed. It guarantees social and environmental responsibility, know-how with local agricultural and textile soil.

France Terre Textile, label français, label textile français. Savoir-faire français. textile français

France Terre Textile®

France Terre Textile® brings together companies whose objective is to preserve French know-how and jobs. A label that offers another vision of "Made In France", by guaranteeing that 75% of the production operations (from the manufacture of the fabric to the confection) of the labeled item are carried out in France, because each stage of production has its importance. Everything is done in compliance with high environmental, social and ecological criteria, in a short circuit. France Terre Textile® is present in 5 of the 7 territories with a French textile tradition (Vosges, Alsace, Nord, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Champagne Ardenne), and is as close as possible to French players.

OEKO-TEX, label, certification, textile. Myras.


The OEKO-TEX® label ensures the end consumer that there are no substances harmful to health in the textiles he buys. It aims to limit or prohibit certain substances considered dangerous for health or the skin, thanks to the respect of strict standards.