Fabric care


Contrary to popular belief, linen care is not difficult. Here are the general rules for the maintenance of linen:

• Regarding detergents, it is best not to use detergents containing bleaches or chlorine, this can tarnish the colors of your linen clothes or yellow those in white linen.

• Linen can be washed in water, in the washing machine or by hand. It can be machine washed up to 40° for clothes. Some linens can be washed up to 60° without any problem (household linen for example).

Myras recommends that you favor delicate machine wash programs and cold, at 30°, in order to take better care of your linen clothes (and the planet).

• Linen is easy to iron, but preferably when it is still slightly damp and inside out. The ironing temperature is always indicated on the product care label. You can go up to medium to high heat, depending on the intensity of the pleats.

• It is recommended not to tumble dry and avoid too high spin cycles.

• The linen fabric does not pill, does not deform thanks to the characteristics even of its fibers.


We tell you how to take care of each piece, on the product page in the section "fabric care".